Saturday, April 17, 2010

Don't look where you're going!

Ogg had temporarily escaped from the Raptor on the street, but he forgot entirely about the two who were clinging to the tree. With their trap already set, it was a simple matter of waiting. After taking two blows to the head and surviving the shock-wave of a concentrated oxygen explosion, Ogg is left in a very disoriented state.

Ogg slides down the hill,
into a raptor-made trap.
Yum! It's time to eat!
finished: 12:35AM


  1. I laugh at your foolish attempts to win. Surely there is no way you can catch my run away ogre.

  2. Did you purposefully pose the raptor like the "Dying Gaul"?-- cause that would be a pretty genius academic nod to art history!
    ah, dinosaurs the ever-worthy adversary...

  3. Umm...Yes, I agree with you. I'm a genius.

    Good catch, Chris. There is a striking resemblance to that work of art. Perhaps my great, great^10 grandfather created the original.