Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Grudge of the Dinos

Ralph and I decided to do our own endings, so I'll show you the real ending first. (Read from TOP to BOTTOM)

The tenacity and love of vengeance that is common amongst all raptors is actually found in their DNA. Even though ogres had become the dominant race in the near future, one clever human outcast, Simon, found a way to bring back more than just our three heroes. When the greedy Ogre government thugs killed Simon over his dino research, the Ogre/Raptor blood feud was re-ignited and the underground raptor forces united to overthrow the now overpowering and corrupt ogre state. The raptors proved to be noteworthy survivors and had thousands of generations of raptor descendants. The lessons learned from the evil ogres were passed on to each generation, never to be forgotten. On the day that Ogg's cryogenic pod returned to the earth, the raptors did not know what to expect. It wasn't until the door opened and Ogg was seen by all, that they knew what had to be done. And so, this saga comes to a close, but the world of the raptors lives on; Free from the tyranny of the Ogre clans.

Never cross raptors.
They are tenacious dinos.
Seeking blood payment.

For ten thousand years,
They waited for their revenge.
...for when Ogg returns.

Underground they train,
Overthrow the government,
and for years, they thrive,

Teaching their children
about the evil ogres
and tales of justice.

Today is the day.
Ogg has returned to the earth.
Vengeance is complete.
(revenge is so sweet.)

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  1. le sigh-- alas the dinos prevail. that was one epic eons-long battle!